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First Aid Book and Kit – recommended and sold through First Aid for Pets

First Aid consumables are available to buy on our courses. We will always have kits available for you to buy on your course, but to guarantee we have enough you can contact us to order in advance and then collect it from your trainer or from our venue in Balham. All products are inclusive of VAT.

First Aid for Dogs - Invaluable Guide

First Aid for Dogs by Emma Hammett

This invaluable guide to first aid for dogs explains step-by-step how to help your pet or any other dog should an accident happen.

You will not find a more comprehensive guide to caring for your pet in an emergency. This bright and informative guide includes allergic reactions, bites and stings, bleeding, broken bones, burns, choking, CPR, drowning, head injuries, hypothermia, heat stroke, improvised muzzles, poisoning, recovery position, seizures, spinal injuries, road traffic accidents, and so much more.

With just £4.95 for postage and handling.

All course attendees will receive a free paperback copy.

I’ve never seen any first aid for dogs before. I think this is absolutely brilliant! Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur, International Speaker and best-selling Author

Thank you for your book; First Aid for Dogs. Clearly the work you are doing at First Aid for Pets is hugely worthwhile. Fitzpatrick Referrals - The Supervet

Good News for Dog Owners: A concise and informative book which is a good size to keep handy in case of an emergency. Worth buying if you are getting a dog or already have one.


I grew up on a farm some distance from a vet so we had to treat our own dogs in an emergency. I wish we’d had this manual then! It’s excellent with clear instructions and diagrams + a ‘chatty’ style of writing. It’s well worth reading this book BEFORE you need to use it in an emergency; you’ll be much more confident in knowing what to do when something untoward happens with your dog. Pen Brown

First Aid for Pets - Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

Designed for walking, soft bag with belt-clip £20

Ideal size for your handbag or to attach to your belt for easy access when out walking to ensure you are well prepared when accidents happen.

Kit includes essential 7 items: faceshield (for protection during rescue breaths), gloves, wound dressing, saline solution, triangular bandage, foil blanket, and vet-wrap (cohesive bandage)

All course attendees can buy the kit on the day of your course.

Or buy now online.

First Aid for Pets - Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Back by popular demand…our Gift Vouchers are now available to buy from £10 to £100.

Gift vouchers can be redeemed on any of our practical or online Dog First Aid courses within 12 months from the date of issue.

Or you can book the recipient a place on one of our scheduled course dates and we’ll send you the voucher to present to them on their special occasion!

Simply contact us to arrange payment and we will personalise your voucher for you.